Apocalypse Theory

Sargon: The Fallen One

Sargon: The Fallen One
Photo by Yu Kato / Unsplash

You look at me; you ask who am I?
Where did I come from, and why am I here?
Do you wish me to speak the truth?
The words… are you willing to hear?

Who am I?
I am you; I am him; I am her;  I am all of you.
Deep in the darkest part of you… I am there.
From the darkness without light.

Why am I here?
Did you not summon me?
With your war, with your hate… isn’t my being here fate?

You once had a choice.
You picked money; You picked power over humanity!
You ask who created I?

With your greed, with your deceit…
You created me; made me what I am…
Know me as Sargon…The Fallen One.

Apocalypse Theory

A creative journey exploring the end.

Apocalypse Theory

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