Apocalypse Theory

The God Project

The God Project
Photo by Davide Cantelli / Unsplash

This piece of... art? might offend some people.

I am hesitant to call it art but I have no better term for it. One day I just had the idea pop into my head so I did it.

Fist a bit about me and what I believe. Those not interested but who want to see the site can skip to the link at the bottom.

I am a believer. A believer in what you might ask. Well I am not quite sure. I believe there is more to the universe when we understand, I believe in God. However, what form that takes I don't know.

I do like the one God many faces thought that goes into how God would reveal himself to different people in different places in different ways.

I am also a believer of reincarnation, mainly because Heaven sounds boring and I don't believe God would send people to an eternity of torture because he expected them to learn everything they needed in a single life.

I have never been part of an organized religion, however, if pressed I would call myself a Christian. Mainly because that is how I was raised.

I have some serious issues with how religions and religious people conduct themselves, so on my site you will notice the Commandments.

After putting in some of the Scriptures and Scripture Quotes (which honestly I have never read)  I put in some commandments I felt religions needed.

The God Project

Apocalypse Theory

A creative journey exploring the end.

Apocalypse Theory

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