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Moving Forward

Moving Forward
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I have always loved reading and writing. Ever since I was a child, I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. However, I never made much time for it. I am a huge nerd and there was always a new book series to read, a TV show to watch, or a game to play. I was a consumer and not a producer.

Move forward to 2020 and I decided to be more than just a consumer. I wanted to create something to leave a legacy. I made time to work on my writing, then never really have.

I think the main issue is context switching. The writing I have done has mainly been during vacations and long weekends. You see, I am a senior software engineer, and most of my day is spent solving complex logic problems, debugging code, and mentoring less experienced engineers. The switch from that hyperlogical mode back to a more emotional mode is difficult for me.

Its been 4 years now, and I am not giving up on my writing. I have an exceptional story I am still working on. However, I think during the week I am going to focus on Video Game Development. It is something I have always wanted to do, and while it takes creativity, the context switch is much lighter.

I have some outstanding game ideas I have come up with over the years. I also think I will start streaming, probably just 1-2 hours a night at first and then go from there. I really want to keep who I am in real life separated from who I am as a creator.

I plan to keep using my Apocalypse Theory brand, keeping with the dark fantasy themes I associate it with.

I have a wife, two kids, and three cats. I live a nice quiet life in the country and I would like my life to stay nice and quiet. The internet and honestly the outside world can just get to crazy.

Apocalypse Theory

A creative journey exploring the end.

Apocalypse Theory

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